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Organizing and Saving Articles

This video tutorial describes three common ways to organize your research: saving articles directly to your computer, using the RefWorks citation management service, or saving articles to folders…

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APA Style Basics: 7th Edition

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APA Style Basics: 7th Edition

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Finding Research Gaps by Reviewing the Literature

Students doing original research often review existing scholarly literature to find a “gap in the research” that they propose to fill. This workshop will briefly discuss how to do a…

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Integrating Faith into Assignments A Biblical Worldview in Research

As Christian scholars, we want to look at empirical evidence through eyes of faith. This workshop will discuss the integration of a biblical worldview within disciplines such as business,…

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What Are Research Guides?

Research Guides provide an overview or introduction to library resources specific to a particular discipline, class or assignment.

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Integrating Faith into Assignments

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How to Evaluate Sources for your Research

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Selecting Keywords and Search Terms

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Organizing and Saving Articles

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Introduction to Citing Research

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