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ENGR381_M1_Creationeering Intro -- Dr. Mark Horstemeyer

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Organizing and Saving Articles

This video tutorial describes three common ways to organize your research: saving articles directly to your computer, using the RefWorks citation management service, or saving articles to folders…

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Finding Peer-Reviewed & Scholarly Articles

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How To Manage Your Time

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APA Style Basics: 7th Edition

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Introduction to Dissertation Research: Literature Reviews, Methodologies, and Theoretical Frameworks

This workshop will provide an overview of the literature review portion of the thesis and dissertation process. We’ll discuss identifying research gaps, determining appropriate methodologies,…

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Research Guides to the Rescue

Allow us to introduce you to an informative and user-friendly tool called a Research Guide. Librarians have developed an individual guide for each department or area of study that outlines citation,…

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Credible Sources: Checking the Quality of Information

Not sure how to determine if a source is credible? Confused about what makes a journal scholarly or peer-reviewed? Attend this session to get answers to these questions and more! You will learn how…

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Finding Research Gaps by Reviewing the Literature

Students doing original research often review existing scholarly literature to find a “gap in the research” that they propose to fill. This workshop will briefly discuss how to do a…

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Integrating Faith into Assignments A Biblical Worldview in Research

As Christian scholars, we want to look at empirical evidence through eyes of faith. This workshop will discuss the integration of a biblical worldview within disciplines such as business,…

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How to Find Specific Publications using Journal by Name

Do you want to know if the library has access to a particular journal or publication? Learn how to use Journal by Name to find what you need.

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ABI/Inform Collection Tutorial

One source covers three ABI/Inform databases indexing thousands of local, regional and global business publications, and provides market, industry and company information.

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Business Source Complete Tutorial

A database that indexes scholarly and trade publications and provides company and industry reports (some by Datamonitor), Harvard BS Faculty Seminar Series videos, and SWOT analyses.

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Jerry Falwell Library Resources for Education Doctoral Students - Section 2

Finding Journal Articles by Topic: Search Strategies, Subject Headings, “Less Is More,” and Snowballing Terms

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Jerry Falwell Library Resources for Education Doctoral Students - Section 1

Introduction to Library Services and Resources and Department Research Guides

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How to Evaluate Sources for your Research

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