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*CTE Faculty Conference | January 20, 8:00AM

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How To Manage Your Time

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Tips for Taking Online Quizzes and Tests

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SQ4R Study Strategy

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Advanced Searching in PsycInfo

Join us to learn search strategies in the PsycInfo database of scholarly and peer-reviewed literature for the fields of behavioral and social sciences. We’ll teach you how to filter results…

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School of Divinity Chapel - Sept. 7, 10:30AM

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David Nasser - Mo(ve)Ments - The Person of Jesus Christ

2020-08-26 Campus Community

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Athletics Compliance Camps Informational Video - b8ote

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Meet Your Entourage - DecideLU

MEET YOUR ENTOURAGE: WE ARE HERE FOR YOU Behind every great student is a crew of people supporting him or her. This session will introduce you to Tutoring Services, Academic Peer Mentoring, the…

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Psychology Database (ProQuest)

Abstracts and indexing of articles, including some full-text, covering behavioral, clinical, cognitive, developmental, experimental, industrial, and social psychology, along with personality,…

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Social Media for Research

The information on your social media does not have to stay separate from your academic or professional life. In this workshop, you will learn the different types of information found on social media…

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Turabian Style Basics: Creating Properly Formatted Bibliographies

Does using Chicago/Turabian style to create footnotes and bibliographies for your research assignments seem to be an overwhelming task? We understand, and we can help! You will learn the basics of…

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Introduction to Graduate Education Research

Join us for a workshop to increase your awareness and effective use of education resources. We’ll discuss finding scholarly journal articles and testing instrument reviews in databases such as…

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Managing Sources Using EBSCO Folders and WorldCat Lists

The number of resources displayed for a given topic is often overwhelming! Come this session to learn how to manage your sources using personal folders and annotations to store items of interest in…

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Finding and Using Data and Statistics

This workshop will help you to find and use statistical information about your topic. We’ll discuss the distinction between data and statistics, and we’ll demonstrate how to use library…

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Finding Research Gaps by Reviewing the Literature

Students doing original research often review existing scholarly literature to find a “gap in the research” that they propose to fill. This workshop will briefly discuss how to do a…

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