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Inquiry 101 tutorial

This is a tutorial summarizing the information taught in the Inquiry 101 library sessions.

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Introduction to Facts on File : Issues and Controversies

Learn how to use this resource for researching popular issues.

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Introduction to Sage Research Methods

Learn how Sage Research Methods can help you with your research projects.

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Medline with Full Text

This database provides full-text for many of the most-used biomedical and health journals indexed in MEDLINE. Many journals are available with no embargo, allowing doctors, nurses, health…

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Finding and Using Data and Statistics

This workshop is about finding and using statistical information about your topic. We’ll discuss the distinction between data and statistics. We’ll share how to find statistics from…

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Finding E-Resources for Theological Research

In this webinar we will introduce you to a variety of databases that will provide you with biblical and theological dictionaries, Bible commentaries and scholarly/peered-reviewed articles, all in…

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Introduction to the Knovel Database

This tutorial will introduce you navigating the Knovel database.

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Citation Management Using Citation Managers

Citation managers store bibliographic information about books and articles and interface with word processors to create in-text citations or footnotes and bibliographies. We’ll discuss freely…

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Education Research Learning the Basics

Need education resources? Learn how to work smarter, not harder! Join us for a workshop to increase your awareness and effective use of education resources. We’ll discuss finding scholarly…

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How to Navigate the Nursing Education in Video Resource

Nursing Education in Video is a collection of videos created for the education and training of nurses and other healthcare professionals. If you have questions about using this resource you can…

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How to Use the Physical Education Index Database

The Physical Education Index is a great resource for physical education curriculum, sports medicine, kinesiology, sport psychology, and more. Learn how to get started using this database for your own…

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Streaming Video with Swank Digital Campus

Swank Digital Campus offers streaming for videos from a variety of genres. Watch this brief tutorial to learn how to get started!

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How to Find Specific Publications using Journal by Name

Do you want to know if the library has access to a particular journal or publication? Learn how to use Journal by Name to find what you need.

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How to Use Data-Planet

Looking for data or statistics for your research project? Give Data-Planet a try! This tutorial provides an introduction to navigating the Data-Planet resource.

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How to Use the Toxline Database

Learn how to use Toxline to search for information about toxicology, including chemicals, pharmaceuticals, pesticides, pollutants, and more. Still have questions? Give us a call at (434) 582-2220 or…

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