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IMG_0124Daniel Mac McGonagle

Week 7 video #2

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Video Report:Joshua

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Taylor Berryman's Paul Video Report

Another breaking news story from GNN, this time talking about a famous pastor, Paul (or was it Saul?).

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Helping Students Create Great Videos

This video gives students three very important tips on creating their best videos possible. Find a quiet place Make sure there is good lighting Be prepared before you begin videoing

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GLST220_God's Story_v2_The Perished Kingdom

Jessica Jenks discusses The Perished Kingdom. This video is submitted in partial fulfillment of the final video project for GLST220 (Intercultural Communication & Engagement). Summer Session D.…

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Canvas EHS: Kaltura Videos in Canvas

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Pre-Course Welcome Video

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Canvas - How to Submit a Video or Narrated Presentation Assignment

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GLST Gospel Project III

Intercultural Communications Studies March 1, 2020

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Kanopy Tutorial

Collection of films for education, enrichment, and entertainment.

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Streaming Video with Swank Digital Campus

Swank Digital Campus offers streaming for videos from a variety of genres. Watch this brief tutorial to learn how to get started!

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PHSC210 Course Showcase Video

This video gives a brief overview of the changes tot he current version of PHSC210 for the new Fall 2018 Inclusive Access version of the course.

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PHSC211 Course Showcase Video

This video highlights the changes and updates to the PHSC211 for Fall 211.

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Kaltura: How to Make a Video Quiz

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Kaltura Video Editor

This tutorial video demonstrates how to use the new Kaltura Video Editor (released January 14, 2018) to trim your videos and create clips.

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