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LUOA Observation Deck - Student Reporting

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Student Onboarding Checklist - Gates

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Classmate Intro Jacob Schartau

A brief introduction: Jacob Schartau, Corporate Commercial Pilot-in-Training at Liberty University School of Aeronautics.

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How to Access Past Courses (Student Perspective)

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Career Explorer Tool

Accessing the Career Explorer Tool

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Canvas - How to Search by Assignment Name

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myStudents -- How to Perform Roster Verification

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Beacon: Student Complaints Guide

New Video Coming Soon...

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NBCC-Improving School Counselor-Principal Relationships (Ebersole & Martin, 2020)

Thank you for watching the entirety of this presentation, in order to receive a certificate for the CE please complete the quiz and evaluation found at the link in the description. …

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Canvas: Syllabus & Course Requirement Checklist

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Submitting Assignments in the Canvas Mobile App

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Canvas: Dashboard

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Canvas: Inbox

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Canvas: Finding People

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College For A Weekend (CFAW) Registration Video

This engaging, animated video introduces the new CFAW Registration application to prospective students, their parents, and leaders of visiting groups. Updated August 2019

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Student Checklist

Video tutorial explaining to students how to use and access their student checklist. Updated 3/10/2020

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