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How to Download and Install the GradeAssist Chrome Plug-In

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MAT0400 1.2.M - Lesson: Comparing Numbers

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Evolution and Creation Experience

7th Grade Science Module 5 Evolution and Creation personal experience and encouragement to look for answers to defend beliefs.

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Scientific Method Lab Explanation 1.3

7th Grade Science Module 1.3 Scientific Method Lab Explanation Scientific hypothesis control variable, independent variable, dependent variable experiment

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Math 2.7.W - Subtraction Algorithm

Explanation of the subtraction algorithm assignment directions and an example of the subtraction algorithm being completed. This could be used to help your students before they do the assignment,…

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3.11.W Life of Moses Project

The video addresses a common misunderstanding of the "Life of Moses" project. Specifically, students are asked to focus on just one major event rather than covering Moses' entire…

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MAT0300_2.5.R - Lesson Bar Model - Google Slides

How to use the Bar Model to add and subtract numbers.

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How to write a great 4th Grade Journal Submission!

This video reteach can be used to model high expectations for writing a high-quality journal submission. It is 9 minutes long.

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Canvas EHS: Quiz & Grades

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